Monday, January 10, 2011

Well-Being When Not Feeling So Well

What should I say about well-being on a day when I'm going to skip the gym and maybe stay home from work because I feel so run-down?  It's a good day to switch to spiritual well-being.

For this academic year, I have been a regular helped in the religious education program at my church rather than being a teacher assigned to an any one grade.  Yesterday was the first time that I was actually called on to take on a class.  I had expected to help the program director stuff envelopes for the family life unit.  Instead, as I arrived to deliver my own kids just at the start of class time, I was asked, "Do you want to teach second grade today?"  After a quick "Sure!" the class began.

What did I have to work with?  The kids' text book.  Some fairly well behaved kids.  And some paper and crayons.   Did I manage to pull it off?  Yes.  It was a class about making choices, how our conscience and the Holy Spirit can guide us in our choices, and the difference between a sin and a mistake or accident.  Having taught the fourth grade class using the same text book series for about seven years, I had taught similar lessons before.  The kids were willing to share and we talked about everything from how they get in trouble on the playground, to whether they would forgive a friend who got them in trouble, to how many commandments there were.  I even joked with one child who told me that he had a book on the Ten Commandments when I asked if all ten were included in the book.  And, we used the crayons and paper to make a card or picture about something for which we were sorry.  We had everything from sibling squabbles to spilling soda someplace a kid wasn't supposed to have soda at all.  While I think that one reason I feel worse today than yesterday rather than better was the effort it took me to go with this class for 1 hour and 15 minutes, I felt spiritually charged about sharing my faith with these kids at the end of class yesterday.

So, while I continue to drag with a cold, I am satisfied with other parts of my well-being.

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