Thursday, January 20, 2011

Well-Being and a Spiral Staircase

Those who know me really well might think that this is a reference to the 1960's band that sand "I love you more today than yesterday".  While I have the first letter of each of those words engraved inside my wedding ring, I try to live by those words, and living by them can certainly enhance the well-being of my marriage which is such an important part of my life, that is not what I am thinking.

Instead, I think of well-being as a spiral staircase, because I keep coming back to the same issues--cardio exercise, physical exercise, mental health, spiritual well-being, diverse cognitive activities, friends, family, work, and others--and I just try to take the parts of well-being that have to do with each of these higher as I move forward each day.  So, the spiral staircase analogy is a good one--seing the same thing over and over again but rising and seeing it from a different perspective.

However, every once in a while it is also nice to get off the staircase.  In that case, I imagine my well-being as a spiral staircase in a round tower.  When I get off, I take in the same things, but I stop a while at a given level.  I explore things at that level before moving higher again.  I master things at that level and then I move on.

I find my friend's recent passing a signal to stop and just enjoy being where I am for a while rather than always trying to push higher.  As long as I am here on earth there will always be time to push higher, to go farther, and to go faster.  Sometimes it is nice just to take a breath, take it all in, and enjoy what I have.



  1. All these perspectives happen in the 'mind'....what if you stop this thought process and just 'be'....and do things without being emotionally attached to it.

  2. Doing things without emotional attachment is not in my nature.