Friday, January 14, 2011

Taking Time for Well-Being

Everything in life takes time--including well-being.  I find that I have to make a decision to invest in well-being if I want to be well.  This week has been a good example of that--for example, getting lots of extra sleep.  It has also been an example of choosing how to invest my time--to exercise or bake or catch up on household tasks?  To do yoga or not?  Which parts of yoga to do when my sinuses are full and any attempt to put my head upside down is somewhat painful.  How much time to spend working on The Radical Transformation of Runner 1313 (the book that will be published in February to raise money for cancer-related charities)?  How much time to spend on each project at work?  How much time to spend on teaching?  How much time to spend on the really big presentation I am giving on December 2?  All of these are part of the choices I make.  Whether to invest time?  How to invest time?  How does investing time in each affect my well-being?

These are the questions I ask myself each day as I decide how to use my time to enhance my well-being.  Sometimes I struggle with the answers.  Some days I feel like I know exactly the right answer all the time.  Usually I'm somewhere in between.

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