Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Four Hours and Well-Being

After getting just four hours of sleep last night, I ask myself whether that is consistent with maximizing my well-being.  The simple answer, of course, is no.  Despite being the son of someone who typically falls asleep early and then gets up, works a while, and goes back to sleep, and the grandson of someone who was in a ham radio rooster club, four hours sleep is still not really enough for me.

However, and this is an important however, the lack of sleep was due to things that I love.  I had a chance to read a long story to my six year old son last night to put him to bed.  I did not fall asleep at that time but took a rest before I started working again.  I did some dishes, and then worked for nearly three hours.  Then helped my cat and dog before going to sleep just past midnight.

Up again just after four this morning, after several snoozes--yes, I was trying to get up even earlier.  A little catching up on news, a little yoga, a little prayer, and now I'm blogging.  After this I'll finish dishes, make some pizza dough, and head to the Y for a quick strength workout.  I have every intention of being at work by 8:30 and having a great and productive day.

I'll probably be up late again working and hope to close my day with a little more breathing and stretching and a little more prayer.  Prayer and relaxation before bed are a powerful combination.

Finally, at some point, I hope to begin editing my personal writing that I produced between Christmas and the New Year.

I am enjoying the excitement of just living that I am not convinced that four hours was all that bad for me last night.

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