Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Plan for Well-Being

I made a list of my top 10 resolutions for this year on January 1.  The number 10 resolution was:

Have a plan for well-being rather than just a plan for career success and a plan for running in the future.  This will include yoga, sleep, my spiritual self, and other aspects of self-maintenance.

I have already been working hard on realizing a plan even if I do not have a plan written out.  One part of that plan has been starting each day with some yoga--based on what I learned while on vacation and with an eye toward expanding as I move ahead throughout the year.

A second part has been to pay attention to my quantity of sleep--so far too little, but at least I am paying attention and working to figure out how to make the quantity of sleep larger again.

The spiritual comes in part from doing yoga.  While yoga may not be associated with Christian prayer, one result of having quiet, focused time is that it gives me time to concentrate on my relationship with God.

A fourth part has been getting back to baking.  Last night, for the first time, I made pebble topped oatmeal bread.  It was the first time I have made this recipe and it was wonderful.

A fifth part is career--still too long of a to do list for work, but focusing on getting things done.

For other self-maintenance, one example is the decision to use a neti-pot.  This is a device that helps to clean the sinuses.  My wife has used one (and tried to convince me to use one) for years.  Other friends last year tried to convince me to use one.  I am finally making this a part of my ongoing self-maintenance and approach to overall wellness.

All aspects of wellness working together leads to great contentment.

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