Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wandering or Mapping My Way to Wellness

Many times in life, if I start on a path and simply trust that I will eventually arrive somewhere, I will get there.  The path may be much longer than necessary and I may see some rather interesting things along the way.  That is one way of ending up someplace.

The other is to get a map.  Plot out a course.  Map every turn and follow the path exactly.  I'll get there.  I'll get there efficiently.  I may miss the opportunity to see some interesting things along the way.

And of course, there are paths in between.  I can map everything out but occasionally stop along the way or take a slight detour.

To achieve well being, just wandering may work.  It certainly feels like that is the course I have chosen in some cases.  However, I can speak from the experience I had last year in training for the marathon when I say that having at least a somewhat detailed map really helps.  It gives me a path to follow.  It gives me an idea of what I need to do and when I need to do it.  And then, if I choose not to follow that path, it is just that--a choice.  It seems better to have a plan and then have the freedom to choose not to follow it (and later to figure out how to get back on it) rather than to just wander.

As I am finally over the cold I have been dealing with and thinking about how to balance everything out for the remainder of 2011, I have a real sense of needing to put down on paper not just my 10 resolutions that I wrote January 1 and not just some daily thoughts in this blog, but a real plan of exercise, yoga, self-maintenance activities, and other activities that have to be fit in somewhere (even if just for short times) to maximize my well-being.  I may not follow the map 100%, but it is likely to help me get to where i want to more more efficiently than I'd manage otherwise.

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