Monday, January 17, 2011

A Short Road to Well-Being

Since writing about mapping versus wandering yesterday, I've had a pretty good day.  I'll make this a very short entry just summarizing what I've been up to and how each contributed to well-being:

Grocery shopping with my six year old: Good food and a good time with the child who was cooperative.

An hour or so of basketball with my 11 year old: This was great activity exercising with my child rather than just at the same time as my child.  Also, I breathed freely the whole hour and felt only the slightest tightness in my knee/hamstring as I ran up and down the court several times for layups.

Teaching kindergarteners (six boys and two girls)  in religious education: Great for renewing my own faith and great seeing the kids' eyes light up in discussion.

Taking my 6 year old to a birthday party: This was more good time with my son and it was interesting for him that not everyone lives in the same types of neighborhoods.

Mass: I could sing full volume in my normal range.  What a blessing.

Dinner making with two helpful children: just wonderful in general.

Early bed one more time: I think I finally have the cold beat.

Now for a busy week.  Hope everyone else's Sunday was as useful as mine.

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