Saturday, January 15, 2011

Charity and Well-Being

Charity is an excellent way to improve everyone's well-being.

I talk often about my own fundraising for cancer as part of what I want to do.  It's part of what I feel compelled to do.  And since it goes along with my running, it is even part of what helps my own well-being in a very direct way.  Even my writing of The Radical Transformation of Runner 1313 involves fundraising--it is both part of the purpose of the writing and part of the story.

What is interesting is to see just how many opportunities there are to raise money for others well being through endurance events (or other physical stresses) these days.  There is the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Team in Training.  This is the season of Polar Plunges (at least least in the mid-Atlantic) that tend to raise funds for Special Olympics.  I even heard a local public radio talk show host last night (Justin Jones Fosu on Listen Up! on WEAA) who is running the same races I am running and who is raising money for clean water in Africa.  Even saw something the other day about raising money related to  Crohn's.  

It is wonderful that so many people are raising so much money for so many things.  I hope both to raise a lot and to have some money to contribute at least a little to many other causes.  I hope that any who are not involved in this type of fundraising at present have the opportunity to participate in a group (endurance event or otherwise) to raise funds for the well-being of others or have the opportunity to donate to help those who are raising money.

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