Thursday, March 1, 2012

Continuing the Proclamation Theme: A Tattoo of a Martyr

I have made allusion to speaking to a tattoo artist on several blog entries recently.  Today, on a friend's Facebook page, I described a tattoo I have an appointment to get in April.  Since I put it on a friend's page (in response to a friend of a friend commenting that getting a tattoo would give my friend's group of friends something to discuss), I figured I might as well put it on my own page now.  That way, when I get it, I can focus on sharing the art.

Besides, since I have spent this week of Lent blogging about the proclamation theme, the tattoo that I am planning fits quite nicely with that.

The tattoo will be on my right outer calf.  Allows for being discrete at work while showing off when I run.  Still, the tattoo is body art forever.  It is a form of proclaiming and not mumbling.

It will be an anachronistic representation of St. Sebastian and St. Irene.  Early 20th century clothing and scenery including Baltimore cityscape.  Early 20th century book colors.

Why St. Sebastian?  Patron saint of athletes.

St. Sebastian's story (legend)?  Served in Roman army while helping Christians.  Survived attempted execution by archers (sign of his endurance).  Nursed back to health by St. Irene.  Clubbed to death after confronting the emperor.

Relevance to this week?  Martyrs don't mumble.  Martyrs proclaim and are "all in".

Why the other elements of the tattoo?  People helping each other in the hardest of times is one of the most beautiful things in the world.  The message of being "all in" for both Sebastian and Irene is timeless--thus the anachronistic setting and various early 20th cenury themes.  I've learned many lessons about being "all in" and enduring in Baltimore.

It is yet another way for me to bring my running and spiritual lives together in a representation of what is important in all aspects of my life.  Do things in a way that shows I am "all in" and all times in all things.

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