Sunday, March 18, 2012

Psalm 137:6

The traditional recited responsorial psalm for today's Catholic masses is Psalm 137. The response, in particular, is from verse 6:

"Let my tongue be silenced, if I ever forget you!"

I have blogged about physical and spiritual well-being an enormous amount since August 2010. As everyone who reads this probably knows, I have chosen to write every day during Lent this year.

So, why do I find this verse interesting? Especially, given the fact that the mass I go to is one at which we play a responsorial song that is definitely not the same most weeks as the exact verse that is recited.

Well, I think in this case it is quite simple.  I always try to focus on the spiritual aspects of my life. Sometimes I focus more on the physical. Sometimes I focus mostly on the emotional.  But I always try to make it clear that I remember that the emotional and physical ultimately tie back to the spiritual.

I can run all I want--but it is nothing without the recognition that I am using my gift from God and I need to keep that in mind. If I forget that--I shouldn't be writing this.

I can volunteer in any role I want as much as I want. Just the same--if I forget that I share my gifts from God with other people who are gifts from God and that all this fits together in a very special way guided by God, then I shouldn't bother writing.

I can work as hard as I want. If I forget that my capacity to do work and my capacity to be helpful to others--which is one of the things that I see as the most important outcome of any work I do--then I should not be writing.

I can spend as much time as I want with my children. Cooking. Watching their activities. Anything else that may be involved. If I ever forget that this is purely a gift from God, then I should not be writing.

If I use Psalm 137:6 as a guide for everything I write about and everything I do in life, then my life should come a step closer to God each day.  With each activity.  With each thing I write.  Going back to yesterday's entry--it will help me to revela the full truth and not just is what is in the reflection.  

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