Sunday, March 11, 2012

Did I Manage to Run for Joy?

Today I had my best marathon every--just under 1:36 for the first half and just under 1:38:30 for the second half.  My first and fourth fastest half marathon distances ever.  For a total of around 3:14:25 (still awaiting official results).

But the main question is did I run for joy?  I think so.  I ran the first half cruising along in my own little world.  I got a little worried for part of the second half but reached a point where, knowing that this was my last one for a while no matter what happened, I decided to just enjoy it.

So, I ran for joy.  The joy of finishing.  The joy of being out there.  The joy of passing, and encouraging others when they passed me.  The joy of using my gift from God on a beautiful Sunday morning in a part of the state that exemplifies the beauty of God's gifts.  I ran for joy.  Now a lot more running for joy is to come as I will just be running for joy and not for a goal for a while.  

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