Friday, March 23, 2012


As I look back over my blog entries in this blog since the start of Lent, I find that I am one short or there is one missing.  It was the day after the marathon.  I don't recall why there is one missing from that day, but I figure today is an excellent day to make up for that.  And, I might as well ponder things that are missing.

Certainly there is not a lot missing in my life.  Beautiful wife.  Three wonderful sons.  Success in my career.  Success and enjoyment in my hobbies--including running, playing music at church, and cooking.

And, yet, in almost all of those I can still find something missing.  A missing piece that would make things even better.  A better understanding of my kids, their interests, and what they need?  Is it more time?  More advice?  More undivided attention when I give them my attention?

For my running, I think that the missing piece all wintere long was a focus on something other than my own running as I ran long slow distances.  The distances go much more easily when they are run with someone. I bet they would also go more easily if I focused on something other than the running.  Although not to the complete exclusion of concern about my body.

Playing music--there is plenty missing that could make it better, although I think I have been improving.

There is always room to improve my cooking.

There is always room to improve at work.

And, even after 20 years, I think that Sherry and I in some ways are only beginning to truly undersand each other.  Particularly, how what makes us tick is likely to change over the next 20 years.

So, in everything in life, I can seek what is missing, and work to improve my life by addressing those issues head on.

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