Friday, March 9, 2012

More than One Kind of Team

When I think about my sons' activities and the ways in which they might experience God's love through what they do, I often talk about how my only son who enjoys team sports is my youngest.  He plays lacrosse and hockey.

And yet, I have come to realize that if I see only my youngest as playing a "team sport" I am really missing the point in some important ways.  My middle son sings in a boychoir, and they clearly have a "team spirit" in some very important ways.  And even my oldest--whom I often describe as having no desire to do anything athletic--certainly does understand team spirit.  He plays in an orchestra and several other ensembles.  I have seen him play multiple times in a small (5-6 person) jazz ensemble.  He has come to know the guys in this over two years.  Last night when I saw them play it was clear that they either had some inside jokes that all the spectators were missing or that they were just plain having fun.  And clearly having fun playing together.

In the same way that I feel God's love when I run with others with whom I have developed a positive relationship, I can see that God's love shows in the friendship and reliance that these guys have for and on each other.

Upon reflection, I realize that my two older sons may not play team sports but certainly understand team spirit. And, now matter how one experiences team spirit, it is a wonderful way to show the love of God in the gifts one has received and how one shares them with teammates and the spectators watching. 

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