Sunday, March 25, 2012

Self Regulation (and more from Psalm 147:10-11)

Yesterday, I commented on hoping in God's mercy and correcting missteps as the end of my entry that focused on Psalm 147:10.  I wanted to comment a little more on missteps today.

And, I'm not going to comment on missteps as they apply to mistakes in my work--although I have been known to make those.

I'm not going to comment on missteps as they apply to my personal relationships--although I have been known to make those.

I'm (as is not surprising to anyone) going to comment on a misstep in the course of my running and how I corrected it and how that provides a framework for the rest of my life.

So, today I did not work out.  Last morning on the cruise.  Have to be ready to go fairly early. No need to work out after six days in a row and starting from Saturday a week ago seven out of eight.

Yesterday, I ran 9 miles on a treadmill.  And, because the treadmills on the ship are programmed to allow no more than 30 minutes at a time, I broke it into three separate 3 mile segments.

I felt a lot better than I did when I ran only 8.3 earlier in the week. I think that the gym on the ship was a little--although not much--cooler.

Also, for the first six miles (at just under 8:30 per mile for the first mile and progressively faster), I felt like I wasn't really working all that hard.  Honestly, given what I know I can run, I should not have felt like I was working all that hard.  But it was good to be "in touch with my body" enough to recognize that I was getting the workout I needed while happily pushing along.  I think part of that was just because I should be able to run that distance at that pace without thinking about it and partly because of some fo the reading of Born to Run and Chi Running that I did this week.

However, as I started my final three mile segment, by the end of mile seven, I pushed myself down to a 7:30 mile and hoped to stay there for a while. That pace is still slower than what I averaged for the entier marathon two weeks ago, but something just didn't feel right.  It could have been a lot of different things.  It could have been my body just telling me--no, I really don't like treadmill workouts.  It could have been my body telling me it simply was not ready for pushing that hard at that time or morning given that I was not up all that long before I ran. It could have been the heat.

Whatever it was, I recognized it and pulled all the way back to where I had begun with an 8:30ish mile pace. Then, after "rechecking that all systems were go," I started pushing myself harder again and ended with a nice final mile and a half.

So, by paying attention to warning signs, I recognized when to slow down, how to manage the slow down, and when to come back up again.  All those are things that I have to do in other parts of my life.  Managing spending.  Managing parenting.  Managing next steps in my career.  The only difference is that my physical body system that I used as a check for my workout becomes my spiritual value system driven by my belief in God and the notion that the main goal of God's followers is to bring the earth as close to the Kingdom of God as possibl.

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