Friday, March 30, 2012

Psalm 27:14 and My Dog's Life

As my family awaits the outcome of my dog's trip to the veteranarian today, I thought I'd share Psalm 27:14,

Wait for the LORD, take courage; be stouthearted, wait for the LORD!

I don't think that the kids appreciate yet what this visit might mean. Especially my seven year old. The visit will be while the kids are at school, so if this is the end they will not have to deal with it directly.

But we wait. I have a good idea that this will very likely be our dog's last visit to the vet but it is not certain. She occasionally, and at this point it is very occasionally, looks alive. She was out in the warm sun yesterday. She enjoyed watching the birds. When she was upstairs at our dinner time last night she acted close to normal. She ate anything she could find on the floor. She ate many treats and some regular dog food.

But getting her upstairs and outside was a big chore. And those times she looks tired. Sullen.

So, we must take courage that there is a reason she is hanging on. A reason that she has not simply passed. A reason that we are going to the vet to have to discuss her future rather than simply letting it end.

So we must be stouthearted. Even while we wait with all the uncertainty of when we are going to lose a family friend, she keeps surprising us. This morning after drinking some water she actually came over to me to be petted and looked as though she might want to go outside. But then as I went toward the steps she backed away. That is what concerns us. It is impossible for a pet to live in our house, so she needs to be able to make it up and down stairs. So we wait. We have courage. And we wait to see what the LORD reveals to us.

We pray for her. And I pray for my family's well-being as well.

Only time will reveal with mystery God has waiting for us today.

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