Thursday, March 8, 2012

Testify to Love

Today's spiritual reflection actually began on my way home from running yesterday.  On the drive I was flipping among radio stations--two different public radio, sports talk, non-NPR news and talk, and finally a Christian rock station.  Other than the fact that I have an eclectic mix of morning radio tastes, what did this reveal?  Well, on the one music station, I heard Testify to Love.  My first exposure to this song dates back to a television program called Touched by an Angel which ran in the late 1990's.  The songs main message is about giving thanks to God by testifying to love.

Why is this relevant to me now?  On one friend's Facebook page, she asked "why blog?"  That is a good question.  She received a variety of comments--including self-importance.  I hope that's not what anyone thinks of mine.  I answered that one of my blogs is for teaching health economics.  The other--this one--is my public diary.  This blog is my way of testifying to the love of God for as many to read as care to.  Even if it is not that many, it is my testimony and people can see what they think of it and draw strength from it or take inspiration from it--or never read it again.

What do I have to say about the love of God?  How I realize it.  How it affects me.  How I interpret it through scripture to which I am exposed at mass.  How I find it in my daily life; in my beautiful wife; in the rest of my family; in those with whom I volunteer; in those with whom I run.

There are so many ways to find it and it is important to me to proclaim those ways and proclaim my thanks to God and for the gifts I have been given.

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