Saturday, February 25, 2012

Serenity Prayer

So, only three days into Lent and I missed blogging yesterday.  Probably do two quick entries today.  There is a reason I missed yesterday.  Last night we were trying to get Daniel to hist last Friday night ice hockey practice.  We were stuck on the Baltimore beltway going very slowly.  There was a break in the traffic behind us at one point and a kid in a car from PA came up and hit the driver side back bumper, scraped along the side, and took the driver's side view mirror most of the way off.  That shook me and Sherry as it was the second time a car I am driving has been hit in less than 60 days and Sherry's car was also hit recently by a hit and run driver.

The serenity prayer came into play because there was nothing to do once the accident occurred but deal with it.  We had to accept the accident.  Sherry--as the passenger--was even more annoyed than I was.  The other driver and I calmly exchanged information.  Then, I immediately called and started the claims process.  That did not take courage, but is part of taking care of things that I can do something about.

Other parts of yesterday were also in that vein.  I had two meetings yesterday morning to move long overdue projects in the right direction.  And, this weekend when I am doing "work work" it will be all in the same direction.

Taking the time to use my God given talents not only for what I want to do but also for what I have to do/am supposed to do is an important part of the growth and focus I am seeking this year as part of Lent.  

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