Sunday, February 26, 2012

People Helping People

This has been a week with many examples of people helping people in my life.  I'll list just a few highlights and then probably try for a second blog entry later today to even out for my one a day for Lent and thinking of sacrifices and appreciations in preparation for the renewal that comes with Easter.

(1) I had my gloves that I run in with me when I stopped at the grocery store earlier this week.  I took them off and put them in the basket while shopping.  Somehow, I forgot to take them out and left them in the basket when I checked out.  I called 20 minutes later when I got home and realized I didn't have them. The cashier had noticed and had set them aside for me.  The manager on duty put them in a bag in a safe and I was able to get them later.  Honesty and helping.  Thank goodness.

(2) In my running with Back on My Feet this week, the team with which I run was introduced to two new routes.  One from me and one from my fellow coach.  I ran with people I don't usually run with.  Made them comfortable with the route.  And learned interesting things along the way from both routes and both sets of runners.

(3) The person who ran into my wife's car while I was driving it on Friday night was not helpful for running into it.  But, he did everything right afterwards.  The employees at his insurer have been helpful.  And, we also were able to help a fellow driver whose car was overheating who had stopped near us on Friday night be lending her my wife's cell phone.  Then, yesterday, the place where I take my car for service was helpful with a small item my car needed taken care of.  No tough questions.  Just a job well done.

(4) I really enjoyed the conversation I had with the tattoo artist on Friday afternoon.  She listened to the vision I had for a tattoo for myself, asked some good questions, and made some great suggestions.  The tattoo I am getting will be a somewhat timeless, although also could be described as a symbol re-interpreted in an anachronistic way, of one person helping another.  More details in April when I actually get it.

All of these things are just a few of the things for which I am thankful, that show that there really are still people in the world out there who care about others, and that make me think about my own behaviors as I look forward to the liturgical and spiritual season of renewal.

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