Sunday, February 19, 2012

"Remember not the events of the past..."

The title of today's entry is from the Catholic church's first reading for mass today.  It is from Isaiah 43:18.  Despite the fact that today's readings also included Jesus healing a paralyzed person, the priest who indicated we should look for something truly amazing in the readings was really trying to get us to focus on the phrase that is the title here.

He commented extensively on it.  It makes me reflect on the whole taper once again.  During the taper, I think about the run coming up.  That is looking ahead.  I also think about past marathons.  The key from today's readings is that while I may learn lessons from past runs, there is really no value in dwelling on the things in the past.  The priest was not saying we should totally forget the past but not dwell on it.  Not be trying to escape negative experiences that happened or letting them constrict our futures.  Not trying to always relive or protect a powerfully positive experience in a way that prevents exploring new things in the future.  So much of this can relate to running as well as the rest of life.  Dwelling on past runs--good or bad--really doesn't help with the next race any more than dwelling on a past event in life really changes what we do in the future other than bringing what is likely to be an unnatural limit to our experience and life.

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