Thursday, February 23, 2012


So, one of my goals for Lent is to make the time each day to actually think about my spiritual and physical well being.  And, if I'm going to think about it, I'll also write about it.  So, this blog will likely see the most entries it has seen since the summer of my first marathon back in 2010.

I have written about consistency many times in my blogs, but the topic never seems to get old.  When I ran this morning's track workout with my buddy, I commented that I thought it was one of the hardest.  The workout is 6 times running 3/4 of a mile (or 1200 meters) each time.  My buddy thinks that 16 quarter miles is harder.

Why do I find the 6 times three-quarter mile workout such a challenge?  Well, 3/4 of a mile is a distance that is too long to run anything close to all out the whole way (at least when you are doing six of them) but not long enough to really relax at any point.  It is a challenging distance that you keep coming back to over and over again.  To do the workout well, I have to be very consistent on each interval (meaning that I have to run either each lap about the same or constantly monitor over multiple laps and make up for any slacking) and then I have to do the same over all six or improve on each one.  We ran the first three at about the same pace; the next two faster and at about the same pace; and the final one the fastest of the morning without having to push all out the whole way.  It was great.

So, while that all makes sense from a physical perspective how does it relate to my spirituality?  Well, let me begin by going back to yesterday's entry?  On the 364 days when I don't have ashes placed on my forehead how will anyone know that I am someone who follows the teachings of Christ and that I am trying to be an ambassador for him?  Consistency.  Hour by hour (like the lap by lap).  Day by day (like the three quarter mile interval by three quater mile interval).  I need to be aware of my beliefs.  I need to live my beliefs.  And, if ever I slack, I need to work all the harder to catch up again.  

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