Thursday, February 2, 2012

More on Being Only Human

From February 2011 through September 2011, I ran six 8-lap (i.e., 2 mile) runs on outdoor tracks for time.  Each time I improved.  I did my first since September today and I was between my last two but not faster.  I'm only human.

It's another running and life lesson for me.

(1) It is simply not possible to improve ad infinitum.  Sooner or later we all max out.  This applies in career as well as in running.  Sometimes it's just one race.  Sometimes it's just a week in a career.  Sometimes it is years where things just seem to be hanging.

(2) Along with that, there will be ups (of which I have been fortunate to have many) and downs.  This wasn't too much of a down but reminds me that they are out there.

(3) I can learn from it.  Was it stress outside running.  Not keeping my mind on the task at hand?  Lack of sleep--for one night or many on end?  Was it having fewer people to run with than last time?  So many variables.  Some beyond my control.  All open for consideration.  Identifying which is the biggest issue will help me to avoid the same outcome the next time.

(4) Finally, there may still be redemption.  After an easy mile, a half at 3:13, another mile in the 6:40's, my friend and I ran half with splits of 96/85.  I still had something left.  I know that if I give it my all I can still come through.  And that will be just as important for me to clear things off my plate in the workplace as it is in my running.

So many lessons from a one hour workout.

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