Monday, June 4, 2012

What Made Me Happy This Weekend?

This morning, on our local Christian Rock (or "positive hits" as they now call it) station (95.1 Shine FM), they asked for comments on what made us happy over the weekend.

I could have mentioned any number of things.  Comments on my blog, actually on the site--in addition to on FB which happens more often.   Seeing my oldest son happy with his audition for Peabody Youth Orchestra and his recording opportunity at All About Music.  A very busy and people filled Sunday.  Two great runs.  Happy dog.  Many things.

But if I had to choose one thing that stands out as different from most weekends that made me happy, it would be this: I got a friend of mine from Back on My Feet to come listen to 40 More Days play at St. Pius X.  My friend is Catholic, so it was not unusual for her to go to mass.  My friend was a cantor at one point--so it was not different for her to appreciate music at mass.  It was just one of the first times she had heard a worship band (including an electric bass) at a Catholic mass.

Afterwards she commented that she thought it was cool.  I was glad.  I thought about why it makes a difference to me that a running friend would come to mass. Or, why do I enjoy sharing my 40 More Days worship band experience?  I enjoy it most because it shows that I am not unidimensional.

Maybe most of my friends would not think that these days.  Having commented over the weekend on finding my old high school and college journals, it was certainly something that I worried about back then.  The worry at that time was that people might think I cared only about academics. Now, I could worry that people in each my circles might think that I take that circle so seriously that I could be unidimensional in that circle--my academics, my running, my participation in church.  But having a person from one aspect of my life come experience a different aspect reminds me and my friends that I'm not just about one thing.

Instead, I"m about figuring out how to make it all fit and all work together.  That is what I love.  The challenge.  The thrill.

Including my students in running--one way to demonstrate multiple dimension.  Inviting my running friends to mass--a second way.  Inviting my students/colleagues to mass--yet one more way.

I'm sure my close friends would like me even if I were pretty much unidimensional.  However, it is just nice to be able to explore and share more than one dimension and to try to make clear how much I enjoy having multiple dimensions and sharing each dimension with those about whom I care.  And then, inviting those I care about so much to make sure that their lives are not unidimensional either.  

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