Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tattoo as Story Telling

So the other day I compared the way I try to manage my body and my heartbeat during the tattoo process and during a therapeutic massage.

Today, I will comare tattoos to something else--story telling.  When I was running with a resident member of Team Christopher's Place Back on My Feet on Sunday, we were talking about tattoos.  I described the story behind my tattoo.  The story is now with me all the time.  A constant reminder of the themes that were important.  And, as a talking point, the way to share those points with others.

My friend mentioned that the story was a good one.  And that each tattoo is there for a reason.  Something we needed to remember.  Something we needed to be reminded of.  Some big event in our lives.  He had a rather philosophical view of tattoos and I was quite impressed.

So as people now ask me whether I think I will ever get another--I answer--first, when I have enough money, and second when I have another story that is so important for me to tell.

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