Saturday, June 23, 2012


I've been pondering renaming the blog.  When I started my blog (other than a health economics blog for my teaching), I called it physical and spiritual running. That was the most appropriate title as I was trying to figure out what running meant and what a death from cancer meant.  Running had begun to evolve for me from just a personal physical activity to something much more social and much deeper.

Then, after my first marathon I closed the book on that first topic and then called the blog what it is now and has been for a year and a half--Physical and Spiritual Well-Being.  The blog is about all types of well being and I talk about my running as well as other things that I ponder.

I'm now thinking of calling it "Connecting the Dots and Nourishing the Soul".  Why?  Well, everything that I write nourishes my soul.  Maybe it helps others to nourish their souls. It gets a reasonable number of hits.  And my sixteen year old pointed out that there is a sight that picks up my feed (  And everything I write is part of how I process things.  How I work with things.  How I try to grasp things in my life.  Connecting the dots?  Well, just look at how much my writing cuts across different areas.  Even the tattoo I got connects different themes.  When I write about it I connect the themes.  I connect my running and bible verses.  I connect cooking. I connect my kids.  I connect my life.  Connecting the dots in the right order takes a seemingly random array of spots and turns it into something that is a coherent whole.  So, I am trying to combine the dots in my life in the right order to find a coherent whole to nourish my soul.

I'll ponder a bit more before changing.  If it works. I'll probably make the change over the July 4 holiday.  It is a pretty cool concept but I want to ponder it a bit more first.

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