Sunday, June 17, 2012

Great Running Weekend and Kids Growing up

So, this weekend I ran the same sequence I did last Father's Day weekend--a 10 mile race on Saturday and a 5K race on Sunday.  Last year I ran 1:13:09 and 21:22 placing second in my age group in the 5K.  This year I ran 1:11:30 and 20:56.  On person I run with sometimes thought I would be a bit faster than that in the 5K--maybe on fresh legs.  I took first in my age group this year.  And, I'd consider the weekend an incredible success overall even if I still have not hit the 7 minute mile average I hope to for the 10 mile race or broken 20 minutes in a 5K yet. Was it all improvement or was some due to nicer weather and friendlier courses?  I'll never know. I'll just enjoy

But I didn't just enjoy my own experience.  I enjoyed watching my kids come home yesterday from their garden club with vegetables and my 12 year old helping me with turnips au gratin yesterday.

I enjoyed seeing both the 7 year old and 12 year old run their best 5K times when running alone today.  For my 7 year old this was only his second and he improved by about 7 minutes over his first.  This time, his 16 year old brother was supposed to stay with him but he ran 5 minutes ahead of his brother who walked most of the distance.  The 12 year old broken 30 minutes when not running with me for the first time ever.  Great for them.

And the take home quote from my 7 year old this weekend as we heard that 1970's tune "Rock the Boat" on the radio--"Why would anyone want to do that?  You'd get sea sick.  Maybe they mean a rock band."

The younger two were encouraged by my friend at the race to think of when they might beat me.  I look forward to the day.  My 7 year old passed Denise Koch from channel 13 today within the last quarter mile.  She is the local TV newsperson/celebrity who supports the 5K race each year.  And both may beat their pediatrician some day.  None will necessarily beat me for a while.  And neither will necessarily be just like me. That is fine.

What I do hope for both of them (and my 16 year old) is that they come into their own.  Today (and this weekend in general) was a time to see that better than I had for a while.  It is a wonderful thing.   


  1. What a great Father's Day for you!

  2. It truly was! Each boy showed his personality through the race as well as having a nice opportunity to take my middle one to camp and have dinner with the other two and my wife in Hampden. (And go to dog training class and mass along the way...)