Sunday, June 3, 2012

Overly Analytical--Or Not?

In yesterday's blog entry I commented on how I had been overly analytical even 20-some years ago.  I had another example of being overly analytic today.  When playing electric bass as part of the 40 More Days worship band at St. Pius X church in Towson, MD, I was listening to the homily. The bishop read from one of the candidate's letters and she referred to herself as a confirmandi.  My brain got lost thinking about what the appropriate feminine singular version would be.  It turns out that confirmand is the singular for both sexes.  I found that out at a reception afterwards.

When I get overly analytical, I don't play well and I noticed a tension in my playing for the first few songs after the homily.  Then, as I approached the final song, I just loosened up.  The last song was "Go Out in the World".  That is one of the few songs that I am often called upon to sing, and to sing harmony for.  When we play this song as part of our ministry, I just let go.  I just try to "Let it be" and take it all in.  I love the song as it both provides me a chance to sing a relatively high bass part and I do something a little different with my bass in that song--just in terms of the style I play.

That song is a blessing for me.  It is also interesting as the idea of being a person asked to "Go Out in the World" and tell everyone the good news is sort of what this blog does.  I like to share my good news.  And hope that others feel their own good news and to share that in turn with me.  There is much good news in the world--despite what we constantly hear in the news.  And I try to never forget that.   


  1. Kevin -
    Love the post. We are so grateful for your music. Forty More Days rocked today!

  2. Jenny--As you can tell, I love playing. And I love trying to figure out what it all means and how it indicates I should lead my life. All the best--Kevin