Saturday, April 23, 2011

Two quick thoughts

Quick thought #1--another Haiku

Footsteps behind me
Whether real or imagined
Make me run faster

Quick thought #2:

Today's 13.7 mile run was pretty intense. Averaged 8:24's with some faster and some slower. First time I've been out running in the pouring rain in ages. The best thing I could think of to say on Facebook was "A warm shower never feels as good as after a run in the pouring rain." But that was not all that today was about. It was only drizzling a little at the start, but it was one of those cold and dreary days on which you could just roll over stay in bed and watch TV all day (well, maybe except for having kids...) In any case, that is one of the primary values of running in a group. We all knew other people were going to be there and might even be hoping to run with us. So, we all showed up and had a great run. Despite the persistent (but not constant) rain. Despite the rain shower at one point not long after the middle of the run. Despite the standing water which made it impossible to run without splashing in some places. (I even apologized for splashing but my running partner said, "I think we are beyond that.") Despite being entirely soaked when we were done. The fellowship that comes with a few 8+ mile runs together with chit-chat makes it pretty easy to overcome a few weather obstacles and still have a great, rewarding, and enjoyable run.

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