Monday, April 4, 2011

Let's go O's! And more...

So, why is the heading about the local baseball team when I am a runner?  Well, today was the opening home game for the Baltimore Orioles (the O's to my non-Baltimore or non-baseball fan readers).  I went for  run with the Back on My Feet--Baltimore, Christopher's Place team this morning.  To celebrate the opening day of the baseball season, we all ran together from Christopher's Place to the stadium to get a picture of the group.  That was fun and I ran with a few team members with whom I had not run before--always working on building camaraderie.

When we got there, one of the members took a picture of the group.  Two local TV stations had camera crews there.  One of the reporters (from ABC 2 News) came over, offered to take our picture including the person with the camera, and then asked us to stand in back to look like a crowd while he and his partner did their spot.  It was fun and Back on My Feet got some good publicity.

It was all the more fun as we were truly excited about the morning.  It is actually starting to feel like spring.  The runners this morning were in a mixture of clothing from shorts, a baseball cap, and a long sleeve shirt (like me) to people still with long pants, gloves, and winter hats. Still, the variation didn't matter.  We're just all in it together.

The excitement also come because spring is so freeing.  It is nice to run and not worry about multiple layers.

Our run this morning also saw an interested new resident of Christopher's Place.   That is also cool.  We'll all run a mile together on Wednesday to celebrate a new member.

Finally, later in the day, I met the local director in person.  She's an incoming part-time MPH student.  We'll be trying to figure out together how to evaluate the organization's good work.  To have the professional and personal and charitable all come together is pretty amazing.

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