Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A First Mile

(dedicated to Melvin)

Today could have been like any other day
A little cold
A beautiful morning sky
A group of runners gathered
At Our Daily Bread.
Ready to go.
Ready to welcome another member.
The member ran his first mile.
One might call it a welcome mile.
The welcome mile is not necessarily— 
A welcoming mile.  
It is not for the faint of heart.
It is uphill most of the way to the first turn.
And the new member of our group worked hard to complete it.
He struggled.
He asked for strength.
And he finished—
A marvelous accomplishment!
It is times like this that make me think back,
Back to my first three mile run,
With my team.
Now one score and seven years ago.
It was a long time ago.
I have reflected repeatedly
On the help,
The wonderful help,
The incredible help,
The amazing help,
The selfless help,
I received that day.
I have also reflected repeatedly,
As to how I can pay that back.
I think the message I carry with me now 
Speaks volumes.
To use a cliché, 
I pay it forward.
Forward means so much.
Looking forward.
Looking toward the goal.
Looking toward the finish line.
Looking toward completion.
Looking toward accomplishment.
Looking toward fulfillment—
Physically and spiritually.
Never looking back.
Not turning around.
Not even being tempted to turn around.
Not giving up.
Never turning my back  on others.
Helping others to look forward and reach for their dreams
As much as I do.
Sometimes I reach only for a dream.
Some may think I have my life in order.
But appearances can be deceiving.
And I need to constant reminder,
The constant help,
The constant strength,
The constant wisdom,
And the constant serenity
That was ask for in prayer each morning
We run.
Not back

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