Sunday, April 3, 2011

Short and sweet reminder of why running in a group is wonderful

Yesterday, my middle son ran his first 5K in which I did not run the same race.  It was on a trail, he told me it had a lot of uphills, and his time was not as fast as when he was with me the week before, but he finished and he received a nice plant for being one of the first 60 in a relatively small group.  I say, "Good for him." It was a great opportunity for him to run as part of an event with a group, even if he was by himself.

In the meantime, my run yesterday was an 11 mile run with the Charm City Run, Maryland Half Marathon training group.  Three of us went and did the 11 mile run together.  We did it at a nice, easy pace.  I didn't run the last four or five at a much faster pace.  It was just a time to use the legs, work the heart, and enjoy the conversation.  The run started bright and sunny and ended with a sloppy rain, but we all enjoyed the run.  As we approached 9.5 miles, everyone commented something to the effect, "It sure didn't feel that far, yet."

That is the beauty of running in a group.  The shared experience makes the whole thing easier.  That is probably a great reason for me to go with a pace group in each of the Maryland Half Marathon and the Baltimore this year.


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