Tuesday, April 26, 2011


There are multiple things that I can concentrate on in any given run. I can concentrate on getting the times "right" as per the workout specifications or I can concentrate on getting the fastest time I can. Tonight, I had intended to run the "right times". Of the seven half miles, I did one "just right". That was the half mile that was supposed to be at the half marathon pace. I ran that very deliberately at just the right pace the whole way through.

The other six half miles were all run fast. In workouts with repeated half miles or miles, I like to make it a habit of running each one faster than the last. I started fast and things only got faster. The workout was actually three at 5K pace, the one at race pace for the half marathon, and three more at 5K pace. On the first half mile after the race pace half, the coach ran pace for pace with me and pushed me toward the end. We went sub-3:00. On the remaining two, I kept that up by myself and then ran my fastest half in a very long time.

They all felt comfortable. Obviously, some I was really pushing on. When I began to concentrate on going as fast as I could (rather than trying to run anything that vaguely resembled the 5K pace), I felt like I had a nice, fluid form and everything was just right. It is amazing how serenity can accompany concentration and it is possible to achieve a feeling of ease and peace. It would be great if I could achieve that in the rest of life. Never hurts to keep trying.

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