Thursday, April 21, 2011


Today was an intense day in several ways.

First, withint the two types of workouts that I do, I have high intensity and low intensity workouts. Even among the high intensity workouts, I have varying levels of intensity. The past three higher intensity workouts have been very intense. A twelve mile run that averaged under eight minute miles. My fastest two mile time trial on a track in more than 20 years with a follow-up mile, half, and quarter at good speeds. Then, this morning, my first five mile tempo run averaging under 7:09. That is about the same time as my four mile tempo run last week. It is much faster than any tempo run I did last year in training for the marathon. I have done slightly faster runs on the treadmill, but this was so cool to be able to do outside. Perhaps a good sign for the half marathon to come. I imagined running with my Charm City Run training group teammates for the last couple miles and it definitely helped me to keep going. As our coach emailed me last night--just visualize what I intend to do on race day. One enjoyable intensity.

Second, a day with more time focused on one project than in a long time. A second type of enjoyable intensity.

Third, I found out I was getting two Golden Apples this year. That is an incredible honor and recognition. This reflects a third type of enjoyable intensity that I've experienced over the entire past year of teaching.

I don't need quite so much intensity every day. But today was a good day. And I look forward to enjoying the right mix of intensity and relaxation moving ahead.

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