Saturday, March 19, 2011

Trying to Avoid Running in Place

This entry has an interesting title in light of the fact that I have no problem with running on a treadmill, which is exactly what the title cautions against, i.e., running in place.

So, why did I write this title?

Just the other day, I had a long conversation with a colleague about taking control of life and taking control of career.  We have both reached the highest level of our careers in terms of the promotions we will ever get  Neither one of us necessarily has high level administration within academia high on our list of future priorities.  So, the question is, if we want to change what we are doing rather than just "keeping on keeping on" (i.e., running in place) what do we need to do?

Well, I think part of it is making a commitment to take control.  If we think we will never gain control, we won't.  That statement about thinking we can't do something and not being able to do it goes for just about anything in life.  We just need to figure our what we need to do to take control?

Could it mean re-prioritizing?  Almost certainly.

Could it mean a job change?  Possibly. Sometimes people feel that is the only way to re-prioritize.

Could it mean just seeking and seizing new opportunities while finding a way to unload some unwanted responsibilities?  If a person can do this, certainly.  The key is whether, when, and how those new opportunities present themselves and how easy or difficult it is to unload old priorities.

My goal is to do the first and last of these as the first is pretty much required and the last allows maintaining some stability in life.  I just hope to see it through.

As my body has forced me to get some extra sleep this week (it listened to my half marathon coach when he said this was a hard week more than my brain did), I have felt a bit better and begun to get some perspective on all this.

The possibilities when I am are endless.  The key to my physical and spiritual well being moving ahead is to make good, well thought out choices rather than just jumping at anything that comes my way.

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