Saturday, March 19, 2011

Putting in the miles

I am now moving to a point in the preparation for the half marathon in May (and the full in September) at which I can really start to look ahead and think about potentially making my goal.  This is a wonderful thing.  It reminds me of what I did at work for many years--looking ahead to an ultimate goal.  And as long as work continues to be acceptable (or hopefully better than just acceptable) performance, I'll be able to focus on other things in life too and use those as "big motivators" for a while.

  • It is a luxury (both in terms of the time I can dedicate to my physical well-being and in terms of how I can explore how all these things influence my psychological and spiritual well-being) to have a job that is secure.  For that I count myself blessed.
  • It is a luxury to be in as good shape as I am.  
  • It is a luxury to be able to dream about qualifying for Boston while helping others by running for charity
  • It is a luxury to have wonderful coaches (Marie last summer and hopefully this coming summer and John at present)

For all these luxuries I count myself blessed.  Today, I ran the first 4.5 miles ranging from about 8:30 for the half from 4-4.5 up to a very easy 9:30 for the first mile.  I turned around and came back with a 7:15, 7:07, 7:07, 7:14 for a half mile, and a solid 6:55 finish.  I had gotten going too quickly and then just decided to keep it up and kick it in for the final mile to meet the goal that John always give of doing the last mile the stronger.

I hope to continue to find ways to feel good, to cherish the feeling I have, and to share it with others.  Again, taking John's advice, I ran the first three with someone from my track group on Tuesday, ran the next 1.5 alone, and then came back smiling and greeting just about everyone.  Hopefully my friendly greeting showed the blessings I felt and added to someone else's blessings of the day as well.

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