Friday, March 25, 2011

Borrowing from my favorite local running store--"live. give. run."

There are two really cool running stores that I enjoy in the Baltimore area.  That is not to say that there are not others that I have not experienced.  Just that I have really liked two.  One is called Falls Road Running.  I bought my first pair of decent running shows at that store.  A colleague has been a long-time customer of theirs and knows the owner well.  And the store supports several Baltimore Marathon practice runs on the course (with water and gels) in preparation for the Baltimore Marathon in the fall.  Nice place.

The other store is Charm City Run.  If you click on their link you will see the words "live. give. run." right near the top of the stores home page.  The store has excellent training groups, does a lot of community work, and is the official organization for registering and timekeeping at many of the local 5K runs that my son and I have participated in locally.  I love the people an the organization.

So, why do I bring up either one?  Well, I've certainly extolled the virtues of the Charm City Run training groups and approach to selling shoes in prior blog entries.  But today, I am going to focus on their slogan "live. give. run."  It seems to fit quite nicely with other things I have been pondering this week.

Back on My Feet is, for me, the answer to how I can live out the simple philosophy espoused by Charm City Run.  Live, give, run.

Live--live life to the fullest; life for the moment; live in the now; accept what life gives us to live with; help other people to live to their full potential.

Give--give it all you got (break into Chuck Mangione); give till it hurts; give from the heart; don't just give from your excess (thank Jesus for that quote).

Run--don't run from things; run for fun; run for health; run to achieve a goal; run to socialize; run to show commitment.

What more could a person ask for?  I have seen the theme every time I go to the store's website.  I wonder why it took me so long to realize that living life that way could be a good thing.  I wonder why it took my so long to find an organization that helps me to realize this theme.

But I don't wonder too hard.  At this point, I just appreciate that I have it figured out and am leave it to God to lead me to the next step in the incredible spiritual development I've had the good fortune to enjoy.

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