Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Running with a smile

Tonight was an awesome workout on the track.  And I took my coach's advice.  I ran with a smile.  We ran six distances (400 meters/800/1200/1600/800/400).  If you count full laps rather than the exact metric distances, I ran 1:36/3:34/4:55/6:36/3:02/1:18.  I was blessed tonight.

I ran with the fast group and for three of the runs, I was out ahead.  I made sure to learn several other runners' names tonight, commented on how hard many of my fellow runners worked, and just took the workout for what it was.  Something that my body was made to do.  It felt good.  The pace (while faster than what I had planned on paper) felt right.  I tried to be consistent on the longer runs.

So, I achieved physical well-being with laps that felt just right and I achieved a spiritual and social well-being of running with a group, encouraging others, getting positive feedback, and having a good time.  I didn't need to "overthink" it (to quote my coach).  I just needed to do what felt right and go with it.  That is the way that my gifts are supposed to be used.  It does not have to be overly complicated.  It can be simple.

Most lessons in life and most things that God wants us to do are, in all reality, pretty simple.  Now, I just have to take that lesson ahead with me.  Be humble.  Count my blessings.  Continue to encourage and share with others.  And thank God every day that I am able to run.

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