Monday, March 14, 2011

My coach and my purpose

Well, I heard from my half marathon group coach today.  He told me to enjoy what I am doing.  To set an example by running with a smile on my face.  And to not be afraid to slow it down a little in the early miles of a long run (particularly to avoid overexertion and overuse injuries) and speed it up a bit at the end.  That was a great affirmation of being able to share a gift in a number of ways.

While I loved my high school coach, the answer that one would likely have gotten 25 years ago--probably to concentrate on my own goals--is so different from the answer one gets when being coached in a group of adults.  I don't hold it against my old coach.  And he did encourage us to watch out for one another.  But goals change and advice changes.  So, too, do the ways we are called upon to use our gifts in life.

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