Saturday, March 26, 2011


This morning, I ran a 5K with my son.  It was his best time in a while and I'm confident that by June he will get back to running the same time he ran last June.  He's excited and may even do one or two 5K races by himself this spring as I turn to running with my fellow half marathon trainees.  I do consider my commitment to my son's running interest to be a very important aspect of my parenting and my running.  I also consider my commitment to my fellow trainees important.  And, as mentioned earlier this week, I see commitment as an important part of what I am doing now with Back on My Feet.

I commented earlier this week on three aspects. I've come up with a new way of expressing what I consider to be three aspects of my sharing experience in Back on My Feet: camaraderie, commitment, and completion.  I tried using the word accomplishment earlier this week, but I like the alliteration of camaraderie, commitment, and completion.

Why do I continue to reflect on these?  First, I have commented on how, at the end of the day, the distinction between bridging and bonding capital is almost immaterial.  One reason is that even I have a lot to learn about completion.  I love to begin things.  I have a hard time finishing things.  I hope that one thing I'll get out of my continuing running experience is the inspiration to complete things other than just my running activities.  I have no trouble completing those.  I want to make sure I can complete other things.

When it comes to commitment, I asked my main contact person if there was a minimum for the non-residential members of Back on My Feet.  She indicated "no" but I see at least one day a week as the ear minimum out of respect for the residential members who do have to make a minimum commitment I think I should.  So, I've decided to work on doing this one day a week.  This coming week will be on Monday rather than Wednesday.  I look forward to joining my fellow runners on what promises to be another cold early morning and learning about what everyone in the group has to offer to others.

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