Monday, March 21, 2011


This morning was my first strength training workout at the Y in several weeks.  I hope to get back to doing these more or less regularly now that I am totally in the swing of training again.  The workout went well.  I was happy to do leg presses, leg extends, hip adduction and abduction (to hopefully avoid IT band issues this year), and a variety of upper body work.  It was just seven exercises and then some extra stretching.  That felt good and my muscles that were still a little tight from Saturday's end of workout kick felt better.  So, the strengthening workout has been helpful for my physical strength.

While I am quite happy about my physical strength these days (except for the remaining tenderness of my left ankle), my spiritual strength was tested yesterday at church.  I already commented yesterday on Facebook that an arrangement of Amazing Grace being sung during the administration of the Eucharist after several mentions of the passing of a friend on the day my parents had visited brought back to me a vivid memory of the day we celebrated my grandmother's passing.  That was over 14 years ago.  But the memory was so strong that I had to pause, hold on to the pew, and gather myself together to make it through the rest of mass.

The image was incredible.  I felt completely emotionally vulnerable.  I would say I didn't feel strong.

The memories I have of my grandmother are of a woman who was warm and welcoming of anyone who would walk through the door.  I don't recall her ever having anything bad to say about anyone.  And she did it all out of love--as far as I could tell just hoping that others would show the same love, respect, and willingness to be welcoming that she showed to everyone ese.  That is a very special kind of strength  thatI hope I can give as an example to my kids and others so that some day I will be remembered for my spiritual and personality strength at least as much as (if not more than) for any run I have ever done.

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