Monday, November 7, 2011

Unchangeable, unshakeable, unstoppable

Last night at church, for the first time in a while, I was given a microphone to sing in addition to having my bass to play. Afterwards, I commented that I suppose I should practice singing most of the songs we practice because I never know when I might be called on to sing. It was, just like the last time I was asked to do both, a good feeling.

One of the songs we sang described God as "unchangeable, unshakeable, unstoppable". Those are three characteristics I would love to be able to claim to have.

Unchangeable--in other words, others always know what they are getting. Is this true of me? Not perfectly. Thought, I think for the most part it is. Someone who is pretty intense. Someone who will give my all. Someone who often gets caught with one or two too many commitments so has trouble completing them all. Someone who wants the most out of life. Someone who may be talented in one thing but likes to try to show that there is something else in life as well. And the last of those (with my career as the main focus and running and cooking as things I try to show I am good at--and perhaps even music should be added to that list) is nothing new. Both what I am good at (things academic) and what I try to prove myself at (at least in terms of running and music) has not changed in years. Where do I fall short--in changing opinions in ways that are not anticipated and that sometimes make little sense and in changing my focus without warning sometimes. Perhaps that just shows adaptability. I am sure it drives some of my friends, family, and colleagues a bit nuts.

Unshakeable--in other words, no matter how hard anyone tries God remain unchangeable. My vulnerability to being shaken showed with a running race earlier this year. When I mistakenly hit the stop button rather than the lap button during a half marathon, I ran distracted the rest of the way. There are many potential distractions in life. Sometimes I am pretty good at shaking them off, but not always. One goal for myself to live more in the image of God as God made me is to find a way to identify what is most important and remain unshakeable in my pursuit of that--always.

Unstoppable--in other words, nothing can overcome God. There are plenty of temptations, distractions, and things that are not 100% following the rules and the path set down by God that lead me from following what is best at all times. While having to stop and reset is just plain human, it is still something to aspire to something better.

My running has helped me to achieve all of these three things--being someone with a clear focus where you know what you are getting from me, and I won't be distracted, and I will reach my goal. What a difference a couple years of running and the thought process that comes along with it makes.

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