Thursday, October 20, 2011

Give and take

Short entry today--life is all about give and take. I have focused a lot on what I can give. I teach. I share. I lead. I encourage. In Back on My Feet, I will soon be sharing a coaching role. In the Charm City Run training group, even the coach commented (not specifically to me but to the group in general) that we provided wonderful support to each other.

I haven't talked so much directly about what I take. However, I realize fully that I often take while I give. The feeling that comes from giving is great, and I have really gained from giving.

The key question now is the right balance (in my running) moving forward. And the distinction between wants and needs. Do I need to get faster? No, of course not. What reason does a person have for running faster than 7:43 average for 26.2 miles? My wife would ask--what reason does a person have for even running 26.2 miles? I don't need to be faster? But I have a goal I want to achieve--running the Boston marathon by qualifying. To achieve that goal, I do need to run faster. In identifying what I need to run, I also have to identify how to achieve the goal--as I have identified how to achieve so many other goals in life. And, along the way, I will be doing a bit more taking--from running friends who willingly give of their own time and efforts and who run faster than me so that I have to chase them down to keep up with them and to reach my goals. I just have to hope that I can give to them in the same way that so many whom I've helped to pull along have given to me.

That will help to keep things balanced. As a fellow here from Ireland said when introducing himself to a group earlier this week--he ran the marathon in a time to qualify for Boston. He felt even better about raising $1000 for Back on My Feet. It's all about give and take.

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