Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Continued soul searching

Last night we had the end of training season party sponsored by Charm City Run. I spent much longer there than I'd expected. The degree to which I've turned running into a social activity and one that I gain strength from in an extrovert-related way, is quite amazing to me.

As each of my running buddies asked what comes next, I answered I'm not sure. Honestly, I'm not. One thing is clear--I have a strong focus on achieving the 3:15 or better. I made clear that I needed something a little more than what I had been getting. It was difficult to say that as I have gotten so much from participating in Charm City Run groups for the past two years. And, I did not want to sound arrogant.

Perhaps it is not arrogance. Perhaps it is wisdom. I can hope to pull myself along as needed, but I recognize the need to ask for help in achieving this goal.

I don't want to sound arrogant. Other people are just trying to eventually reach a 4 hour marathon. Other people are just trying to extend up to a marathon. Does my really high goal sound arrogant?

I hope not. It is just my reality. My reality is different from my friends' realities. And we each have our own needs for improvement and what will help us achieve that improvement. The key for me is that having identified what I think I need to reach my goal, I now need to determine how to implement it. And, when friends ask, I'll share with them what I think I need. And, I'll try to find a way to find what I need to reach my goal while not leaving my friends behind.

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