Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Soul Searching

Three days ago I ran my second marathon. I improved my time from last year by over 17 1/2 minutes. My 3:22:05 was an incredible experience.

Now, I am at a point at which I have really only one more running goal for myself--a Boston qualifying time. That goal will require more improvement.

What I struggle with is the best (and most efficient) way to achieve that.

Of course, I will need ability.

But more than ability, I will need to work hard. Working hard is a combination of attitude and goal. I made more or less my goal for the year. I have met nearly every goal I have set. Fell a bit short of a few, but the marathon was very close.

I was talking with my one student about a time during the race on Saturday when I said, "Well, even a 3:26 would be 1/2 minute per mile better than last year. Wouldn't that be 'good enough'?" And after a few more strides, I was able to banish that thought from my mind by saying, "No, that's not good enough. I trained for more than that."

At this point, I need to have a "can do" attitude.
At this point, I need to avoid self-doubt.
At this point, I need to set one reasonable goal at a time.

The key is figure out with whom to set down a plan, with whom to run, and with whom to commiserate as I move forward.

I have been coached by three incredible people in the past sixteen months. I have met many amazing, wonderful, beautiful, caring, sharing people in the past sixteen months. I want to continue to be a part of their lives.

But now I'm looking for someone (or some-ones) to pull me along. Not to the exclusion of my doing some of the pulling, of course. But to have someone to chase after to force me to raise the bar yet again.

I'm blessed to be faced with this struggle. I look forward to being pulled and continuing to pull others along in so many ways for the next running adventure.

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