Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Pre-Race Story

Just a couple weeks ago, I gave a short address to a crowd that included alumni, current students, and current and past staff from my high school. I talked about story telling and mentioned that I have a story each time before a race.

Today is my second marathon of 2011--and likely my last one until next fall. The story would not have started with waking up to find my 6 year old's eye swollen before he had to leave on his first pre-dawn trip for an ice hockey tournament. The story may have included getting up at 3:45 to check on the six year old and then getting a nap until 4:30. Then I made bagels for Daniel and Sherry to take in their lunches with cream cheese, salmon, apples, and Pirate Booty.

Now, they are on their way and all I left to do is prepare myself. Garmin--check. Gu Chomps--check. Race bib & chip--check.

Soon I'll be out the door and on my way. I have so many people sharing so much positive energy about this with me. It's great.

Ideal race-7:25-7:30 each of the first 13.1 miles. Then at least as fast on the way back. Aiming for 3:15 which will require an average 7:25. I should be able to speed up a little for most of the way back as it is downhill.

We'll see if the post-race story is anything like the pre-race story. Onward!

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