Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Seeking Different Parts of the Truth

As many readers of my blogs now know, I have taken to trying to link my bib numbers and race times to bible verses. I have sought to bring together my physical well being and goal setting with my spiritual well-being. It has been an interesting process.

I don't know that I have actually changed what I have been writing over the year and some since I first got the idea to link the number 1313 to a Bible verse, but I do know that the type of verses I have been looking for--to meditate over along with my runs to increase my complete well-being--have switched from verses more about the strength of God and how it is a blessing to us to verses about wisdom--the wisdom of God or the value of wisdom for people.

Why do I find this interesting? I find it interesting because a friend from high school once told me when I started preparing for my first marathon that each running experience like a marathon would lead to different lessons. And, interestingly enough, they have, so far.

This past weekend, when I wrote afterwards, I wrote about some elements of relying on God--I am and vine and you are the branches--and I also reflected on wisdom (alone and combined with speed in the scene of approaching Jesus's tomb).

As I look ahead and think about what I will meditate on over the many miles until my next marathon, I am thinking that both strength and wisdom will continue to be important. I am also thinking, in light of a book I expect to borrow from a previous coach, that I will focus on aspects of spiritual teaching that focus on making sure I have the "package deal". In running that would be the right combination of running workouts and cross training workouts along with the right amount of cut-back weeks and rest as I go along. In my spiritual life it would be things like a reminder that there are Ten Commandments and they are all important. Yes, Jesus gave a greatest one (the parallel to my running being that I have to run more than anything else) but he didn't say to forget about the rest. Jesus once answered to love God with all your heart and mind and soul (perhaps not in that order). That is a package deal. The Beatitudes--there wasn't just "Blessed are the poor in spirit", there were others as well. In addition, I have commented recently on the importance in music ministry of playing and singing--another package deal--for feeling like I put my whole self into the ministry in ways that were not apparent before.

As I move forward in my physical and spiritual development, I anticipate that issues of "the package deal" will be important in many ways. I look forward to the challenge!

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