Thursday, July 5, 2012

So Many Things

More than a week since my last entry.  Big reason why--there were five days when I could not access the internet at home.  Why?  Power outage that lasted from late Friday night until yesterday (Wednesday) evening.  One storm that was not anticipated to be as large as it was caused a major inconvenience in many people's lives.

Yesterday morning when at Back on My Feet after reciting the Serenity Prayer, a friend said, "I bet you have been reciting that a lot in the past week."  To a degree, the answer was yes as we tried to just accept what life had brought us.  To a degree however, I had completely failed to "accept what I cannot change."  Sometimes it was very hard.  Especially because in this case, unlike last fall after hurricane Irene, we really didn't know where the cause of our neighborhood's issues was and the weather was so much hotter.

In any case, we can now look ahead.

A few other things...

Nice day with family yesterday.  My kids and my sister's kids had not seen each other since last year.  It was great.  My older nephew said "See you at Thanksgiving."  I hope it is sooner.

Starting from last Saturday morning, this is morning #6.  I've only run on two.  That is a definite advantage of not training for a fall marathon.  I feel only vaguely guilty.  I could have run this morning but given a choice between a little more sleep in my own bed in an air-conditioned room for the first time in nearly a week or a few miles out on the road with the temp being 80 degrees before 5 AM, I chose the extra rest.  Starting tomorrow, things have to get back into a pattern, but I decided to give my body one more day.  I don't think it is a bad decision, but I'm sure it is not a decision I would have made a year ago or if I was training for a fall marathon.

Back to cooking.backing at home today.

Life is good.

And, I am thankful to God for my blessings--a couple kids  died at a campground when a tree fell on their tent during the storm.  The State of Maryland has had several heat related deaths.  A neighbor still has a tree on her porch roof.  While we have spent way more money than I ever would have hoped on food out in the past several days, my family is safe and sound with a house no worse for the wear.  Praise God!

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