Sunday, July 8, 2012

Seven Random Thoughts

I have been busy this week, so I have not had a chance to write much.  Here are a few random thoughts.

(1) My family really missed home cooking.  We have enjoyed it very much ever since geting our power back.  We really take it for granted.

(2) Running really far in the heat takes a lot out of a person--at least me.  I'm not sure I'm made for distances in the heat.

(3) I enjoyed going to the movies with Sherry on a whim on Friday night.  She thought the auto service center at Sears was open later than it was.  As a result, we ended up near a movie theater with nothing to do. Just sitting in the AC for a while was fun.

(4) I was surprised by the movie we saw.  3D technology has come a long way since the red/green glasses of the 1980's.

(5) The movie was about Katy Perry.  It was actually an interesting story.  I saw a tattoo on her arm that I could not figure out.  It was easy to find information on the web.

(6) A lot of people notice my tattoo.  My wife commented on why a relatively shy person would draw so much attention to themselves.  The tattoo is not about drawing attention.  It is about meaning.  The attention is an unintended consequence I am willing to deal with.

(7) Even around Lake Montebello yesterday (I ran 4 laps around the 1.35 mile path) there was a lot less talking about people who were walking than I normally observe.

They say this week the extreme heat will let up.  Let us hope. 

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