Monday, July 9, 2012

Smiles and Not Much of a Smiler

As I think back to yesterday's post and consider how one might turn another away from having a hard face or an obstinate heart, I think of one thing.  This one thing occurred to me yesterday during mass when Fr. Ray was making his comments about having a hard face and an obstinate heart.  What is it?  A smile.

Some people I know are all smiles.  Not "cheery and overly optimistic" smiles.  Just warm smiles.  Smiles that show they are glad to be alive.  Smiles that show they appreciate the love of their friends and family.  Smiles that show how much they are enjoying themselves.

I am not much of a smiler.  I don't know why.  I have been told many times that I am way too serious.  Perhaps I am.  There are sometimes when I can be warm and generous.  Happy and optimistic.  I have no problems sharing my thoughts.  I have not problems being a listener.  I have no problems commenting on whatever another person amy need a comment on.  What I have difficulty with sometimes is the ability to show the emotion of happiness for someone else.  Or that I am happy.

It is interesting to ponder why.  I don't have any good answers.  What I know is that maybe if I could do it more, I could help to make others happier too.  I share my happiness most times just by doing.  What makes me happy is doing.  Doing what is right.  Doing what is productive.  Perhaps that is how I am supposed to share my happiness and the importance and security that I get with the presence of God in my life.

Always pondering...

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