Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My iPhone know me too well

This morning I heard a song on the radio that included the following lyrics:

"Was I Jesus to the least of those 
Was my worship more than just a song"

I had heard the song before.  I recognized the melody.  I wondered who sang it as the voices and music didn't sound like any of the bands/artists more commonly heard on Shine 95.1 FM in the Baltimore area.  So, I waited till the end of the song hoping that they would announce the artist.  They did.  The group was The Sidewalk Prophets.  The song was Live That Way.  

I wanted to get some clarification of the lyrics and typed Sidewalk on my phone.  What came up as an option to click on before I typed anything else?  Not "Where the Sidewalk Ends" by Shel Silverstein.  Not sidewalk chalk that my kids might use to draw.  But Sidewalk Prophets.  It would not be the most obvious thing, except for the amount of time I spend searching for song lyrics and religious references in general.  My iPhone knows me too well.

Why did I find the song so moving?  Well, those two lines, and the rest of the song are really about what I wrote about two days ago in some ways.  What does it mean to be a prophet? How can I brighten people's lives.  A good friend (a true smiler) told me today that I had been a positive influence on the group I run with in Back on My Feet and that whenever I'm ready to pull back a little it is okay.  So, maybe I do brighten people's lives, even if I'm not the biggest smiler.

But those two lines--was I Jesus to the least of those?  I try to be like Jesus.  I don't always do a great job. 

Is my worship more than a song?  Well, playing music is an important part of my worship experience.  And my songs will never be what Sidewalk Prophets or any other artist's on the radio songs are.  But I also think that my worship is more than a song.  The key question is--for whom.  For the kids I teach in Sunday school?  Sure. But is there anyone else for whom my worship is more than a song?  Can people tell how much I think that my God means to me?  And how do I share?

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