Friday, May 25, 2012

New Life

Yesterday my wife and I decided not to wait so long to get a new dog.  We brought home what the SPCA called a shepherd/chow-chow mix.

What do I already know this dog will teach us?

(1) Unconditional love--she definitely shows it
(2) Patience--as we figure out how to get her to bark a little more to let us know she wants to go out (without barking all the time for no reason) and what she wants to eat
(3) Balancing responsibility--as we add dog walking back onto our to do list
(4) Peace--which this dog seems to feel at almost all times even though she was coming from a shelter

I'm sure we'll be abel to teach her a few things, too.  It just demonstrates the very cool interchange between people and animals. And, after the former student's passing this week, I am very happy to be happily celebrating new life in the continuing week of contrasts.

Praise God!

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